How to book your very own Murder evening

who will it be this time???

Every evening requires 3 very important components excellent dinner & service, the Train and the show of course

All you need to book are 3 important pieces of information –

Date and preferred time – lunch or dinner

Guest list

E-mail to book and confirm your preferred choice of booking –

Tonight is the night I will be a STAR

Every Murder booking has 3 choices

Easy – Let Angell Productions take care of everything dinner venue, train & show.  You just book and pay. Contact

Little effort – Book your own dinner venue and transport to the train.  Angell Productions takes care of the train & show bookings

Getting complicated – You do your own venue, transport & train booking.  Angell Productions takes care of the show

For train bookings contact

For venue bookings in the Waiuku area – The Kentish Hotel – 09 2358367, The Shires Restaurant – 09 2352502, Waiuku Cosmpolitan Club 09 2359131, or use your imagination, hire a hall and BBQ – we can recommend some very good caterers

NO-ONE gets past ME!!!!!

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