Dressing for the evening / Memories

Link to our memory page and another page

When dressing for the evening it is very important to remember you are here to have fun and not outdo your best friend or the actors.

Op shops (especially the Waiuku Op Shop) and second hand shops are ideal for picking up those things you wouldn’t normally have in the wardrobe, and don’t forget elderly aunts and grandmothers – they often have treasures hidden in the back of the wardrobe.  Soaking in Woolmix removes the smells of the past 

Two dollar shops are ideal for gloves, hats, fascinators, purses etc

Many theatre groups hire costumes for minimal cost.  Our cast is privileged to have the kind wardrobe crew of Papakura Theatre Company help them dress.  For hireage contact Judy ph 299 6620 or email   info@ptc.org.nz.

Finally if in total distress just pull out the black skirt (trousers) and white blouse – every show needs a prude

oh and do bring a stole or coat, it can get rather nippy even in summer.  there is a short walk to the train and we don’t want you getting a cold now do we

More advice is available through Polly Perkins


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