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Special offer on tickets for Feb 22

Deals for Locals currently has a special offer for our show on Feb 22

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Great Valentine’s day gift

Tickets for our show on February 22 are now available at Waiuku Cossi Club and eventfinder
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February 22 – Hummusidal tendencies

sherylNext show coming February 22
The Waiuku Cosmopolitan Club and Glenbrook Vintage Railway invite you to the Country Women’s Institute preparation for the annual fundraiser.

This year’s fundraiser will be the spring ball and as most of the town has two left feet Madame Sybil is invited to teach dance. However the Madame Sybil advertised under local dance schools is not quite what the President had in mind. Off course there is a fight over payment and the dress style,while Polly is peeved at all these beautiful dancers on her territory and Mrs Anvil in a flap over the sheer humilitation and personal injury this is causing.

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