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For those attending our show tomorrow – here are some clues to help maybe

Darling Sister Charity has just found us a new cousin – Karen Carpenter, working class married to a builder.  Now exactly where does  she fit into the tree, as no-one knew of her until yesterday?

Poor wee Cousin Julie-Rose has been seconded to the wait staff and has to work tomorrow evening setting up the tables so she has declined our  pre dinner get together and insists on meeting at the hall.  Believe her dress is borrowed and she will try to compete with me

Dear wee cousin Oliver has had yet another fall from his horse and will get to the hall when the doctor gives his permission

And I hear cousin Catherine is soon to arrive from France with the latest new fashion design.  Hope she brings me something nice to wear  to the gathering.  Bet she still likes horses, how revolting could one get, although with a little truffle oil and fois gros????

and for those attending our show on June 8 – your clues are on the winter madness page

See you tomorrow and next Saturday – oh one is so busy.  Happy weekend everyone
Love Polly x0x0x0x


Oops – have you missed out??

Just heard our show on June 8 has sold out!!!  So many witnesses to our next show.  Hope too many of you aren’t disappointed   Off to buy some new tights   Love Polly xoxoxo